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Everalls Wealth Management provides expert advice on how to determine the right investment strategy & structure to meet your wealth creation goals.

We can help you with

Investment research and selection

Our investment research and selection service goal is to collect, accumulate and interpret whatever data will best support the investment decision-making process of investors and businesses. 


Direct shares advice and brokerage

Investing in shares will make you part-owner of a business. Shares can be a sound long-term investment but are very risky to use in the hope of making quick cash. Choosing shares to buy and sell requires time, research and analysis. Buying shares is a good way to build your wealth over time. As with other investment options, shares are not without their risks. Think carefully about your options and seek financial advice before you enter the share market. 


Asset allocation

Asset allocation involves dividing your investments among different assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash. The asset allocation decision is a personal one. The allocation that works best for you changes at different times in your life, depending on how long you have to invest and your ability to tolerate risk.By including asset categories with investment returns that move up and down under different market conditions within a portfolio, an investor can protect against significant losses. 


Risk analysis

Risk analysis is the study of the underlying uncertainty of a given course of action and refers to the uncertainty of forecasted cash flow streams, the variance of portfolio/stock returns, the probability of a project's success or failure, and possible future economic states. A risk analyst starts by identifying what could go wrong. The negative events that could occur are then weighed against a probability metric to measure the likelihood of the event occurring. 


Portfolio Management services

Portfolio management is all about determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and many other trade-offs encountered in the attempt to maximise return at a given appetite for risk.


Tax effective investments

Consider the tax implications of any investment. An investment is 'tax-effective' if you end up paying less tax than you would have paid on another investment with the same return and risk. While lower tax can help your savings grow faster, you should never base an investment decision on tax benefits alone.

What Bob's clients say

  • J.Liddle – Entrepreneur/Author & Speaker
    I found working with Bob extremely easy and a very professional experience. Highly recommended!
    J.Liddle – Entrepreneur/Author & Speaker
  • A. Nass – Investment Banker
    Bob really knows what he is talking about. I work in finance and know a fair bit about financial management from a corporate sense however, I had very little knowledge of my options when it came to my personal finances. Bob helped me unpack the complexities associate with my financial position and helped me create a path for the future.
    A. Nass – Investment Banker
  • A Hawes
    Bob understood my financial situation and provided a clear path to achieve stability for my financial future.
    A Hawes
    Private Client
  • S. Flecknoe-Brown – Property Buyer & Manager
    Bob’s personal mission to help his clients in a complete sense has lead him to acquire far reaching knowledge and methods that ensure results are far above what could normally be expected of most professionals.
    S. Flecknoe-Brown – Property Buyer & Manager
  • G. Futcher – Creative Director
    Bob has been fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, great at making things easy to understand and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.
    G. Futcher – Creative Director
  • Dr. Burgmann – CEO
    Bob took the time to help me think through my priorities, to develop a portfolio approach which will set me up for the future - I particularly appreciate his expertise and careful attention to my personal circumstances.
    Dr. Burgmann – CEO
  • L. McKenzie-Brock – Event Manager
    Bob was very professional, clear and precise and had my interest in mind during all meetings. Easy to work with and supportive, informative and friendly.
    L. McKenzie-Brock – Event Manager
  • S. Samarakoon - Executive Director
    “Bob is a passionate professional with a strong will to make a positive social impact - be it through the genuine values in his business or the causes that he contributes to. His support for Empower's work in supporting rural entrepreneurs in Malawi has been inspiring - especially as he was our first impact investor and will be joining me in Malawi to see the fruits of our labour in person in 2013! I have no hesitation in recommending Bob's services as a Financial Planner. He has both the skills and integrity to deliver his clients the most viable solution for their needs.” 
    S. Samarakoon - Executive Director

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