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With a dedicated technical and research team, and regular development opportunities, we pride ourselves on the ability to keep up to date with legislation changes, the latest strategies, and ways to help you make the most of your retirement.

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Redundancy Advice

We provide information about redundancy entitlements, your rights and employer’s obligations in relation to redundancy. We establish whether or not you are eligible for redundancy pay entitlements and how much should your redundancy pay be.

Planning For Retirement

Most retirees get income from at least a couple of sources, like super and the Age Pension. If you’re thinking about retirement, it’s important to consider where you’ll get the money you’ll need to live on, and set up a plan to make it last. It’s worth remembering that one income can have an impact on another.

Transitioning To Retirement

You can keep working while drawing down some of your super benefits. This is known as a ‘transition to retirement’ strategy and it allows you to supplement your salary and maintain your lifestyle while you reduce work hours or salary sacrifice into super to save on tax. As you approach retirement you might like to reduce your work hours without taking a big cut in your pay. A transition to retirement pension can be used to top up your employment income if you decide to reduce your work hours. It gives you a chance to explore new hobbies and start planning what you will do with your extra leisure time before you retire completely.

Superannuation Advice And Strategies

Are you a risk taker or do you prefer to take a safer path? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle? How you feel about taking risks can affect the investment strategy you choose for your super, and how much money you end up with. Remember that super is a long-term investment for your retirement, so choosing the right strategy for your super money is important. If you don’t choose an investment strategy, your super fund will decide for you.


SMSF Advice And Management

Managing your own super comes with a lot of responsibility and involves significant time and effort. A self-managed super fund (SMSF) might be suitable if you have a lot of super and knowledge of financial and legal matters. Everalls Wealth Management team has professionals licensed to provide SMSF advice and can help you weigh up the pros and cons of running an SMSF, helping you decide whether it’s right for you.

Superannuation Portfolio Management Services

Ideal for SMSF trustees, private unit trusts, family trusts and individuals, portfolio management service gives you the best of both worlds; your financial adviser retains a direct relationship with you, and you benefit from administrative help from us – we handle all your portfolio record keeping.

Download Our Retirement Planning Ebook

Download our Retirement Planning ebook for insight into the issues and considerations you need to think about when planning for retirement.


What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

Bob has been fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, great at making things easy to understand and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.

G. Futcher – Creative Director

Bob took the time to help me think through my priorities, to develop a portfolio approach which will set me up for the future – I particularly appreciate his expertise and careful attention to my personal circumstances.

Dr. Burgmann – CEO

Bob really knows what he is talking about. I work in finance and know a fair bit about financial management from a corporate sense however, I had very little knowledge of my options when it came to my personal finances. Bob helped me unpack the complexities associate with my financial position and helped me create a path for the future.

A. Nass – Investment Banker

I found working with Bob extremely easy and a very professional experience. Highly recommended!

J.Liddle – Entrepreneur/Author & Speaker

Bob was very professional, clear and precise and had my interest in mind during all meetings. Easy to work with and supportive, informative and friendly.

L. McKenzie-Brock – Event Manager

“Bob is a passionate professional with a strong will to make a positive social impact – be it through the genuine values in his business or the causes that he contributes to. His support for Empower’s work in supporting rural entrepreneurs in Malawi has been inspiring – especially as he was our first impact investor and will be joining me in Malawi to see the fruits of our labour in person in 2013!

I have no hesitation in recommending Bob’s services as a Financial Planner. He has both the skills and integrity to deliver his clients the most viable solution for their needs.”

S. Samarakoon – Executive Director

Bob understood my financial situation and provided a clear path to achieve stability for my financial future.

A Hawes – Private Client

Bob’s personal mission to help his clients in a complete sense has lead him to acquire far reaching knowledge and methods that ensure results are far above what could normally be expected of most professionals.

S. Flecknoe-Brown – Property Buyer & Manager

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