Goals Based Financial Planning

Aligning Your Financial Strategies with Life Aspirations

At Everalls Wealth Management, we have redefined financial planning with a commitment to your aspirations. Unlike traditional approaches that narrowly focus on just superannuation, insurance, or fleeting investment trends, we prioritise a holistic perspective centred on developing effective strategies to help you achieve your goals.

At Everalls, we champion a goal-based financial planning strategy to align your financial resources with your life objectives. Our dedicated team steers clear of product-centric agendas as we have no ties to any products, ensuring that our advice remains tailored exclusively to your needs. Whether at the outset of your career, approaching retirement, or navigating life’s milestones, our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your financial plan contributes meaningfully to your success.

Experience financial guidance transcending conventional boundaries — at Everalls Wealth Management your goals shape our strategy.

Why Goals Based Financial Planning?

Embarking on a financial journey requires a clear direction. Goals based financial planning offers a personalised roadmap tailored to your unique aspirations.

Here’s why it stands out:

  • Personalised Approach: We tailor financial plans to meet your needs and aspirations.
  • Clear Vision: Our strategy provides motivation and a roadmap for all your financial decisions over the coming years.
  • Efficient Utilisation: We ensure your money directly supports your life goals.

Our Process

Identification of Goals: We begin with a personalised consultation where we get to know you and your financial and personal goals and dreams.

Data Collection: This is where we gather the crucial, nitty gritty data about your current financial circumstances.

Draft Strategies and Modelling: We analyse your current assets, liabilities, income, and expenses to get a clear picture of where you are now.  We then develop strategies and do the modelling necessary to determine which combination of strategies will get you on track to achieving your financial goals.

Statement of Advice: We document and present the detailed strategies and corresponding underlying investments to you.

Implementation: With your approval, we put the plan into action.

Regular Review: Because things constantly change, we have regular reviews with you to tweak the strategies and investments to ensure you stay on track.

You can learn more about our approach here.

Considerations in Our Planning

Our approach to financial planning is systematic and thorough. We prioritise a collaborative approach, working closely with you at every stage of the planning process. This ensures that our financial strategies perfectly align with your life goals. Central to our planning process is a deep understanding of your individual preferences and circumstances. Your risk tolerance, investment duration, and preferred investment type—whether a particular industry, asset, or other investment option—are all considered when creating your unique financial plan. 

However, our considerations don’t stop at what you want. We also consider the broader context of the world in which we operate. This includes factors like inflation, liquidity, and the potential impact of global events and trends. By doing so, we aim to create a financial plan that is not only tailored to your needs but is also resilient and adaptive to the ever-changing global landscape, protecting you, your family and your financial position.

Benefits of Partnering with Everalls Wealth Management

Every individual’s financial landscape is unique, and so are their needs and preferences. When we craft a financial plan, we consider several key factors to tailor it specifically to you:

Clarity: We provide a clear roadmap aligning your resources with your goals, making your financial decisions more straightforward and effective.

Peace of Mind: Our clear roadmap reduces financial stress by giving you the confidence that you are on the right track to achieving your goals.

Achievement: Our approach will pave the way for you to achieve your goals, and our annual reviews will keep you on track.

Challenges We Address

The path to financial success is complex, and our lives progress through various stages with multiple short, medium and long-term goals to progressively achieve. Challenges and uncertainties riddle it, making the journey daunting. However, with our expertise and commitment, we’re fully equipped to help you navigate these challenges. Our primary objective is to develop a roadmap tailored for you, one that offers the best chance of success. This roadmap ensures that your journey towards financial prosperity remains smooth and uninterrupted and aligns perfectly with your evolving objectives.

Recognising life goals’ fluidity and propensity to change, we’re always ready to adjust your financial plan to reflect these shifts. Our annual service keeps you on track and allows for adjustments based on changing personal and external circumstances. In addition, we’re proactive in preparing for unforeseen events that might impact your financial trajectory. Coupled with our adeptness at navigating the unpredictable nature of investment returns, we ensure you remain on the right path, regardless of market dynamics or personal changes.

Specifically, our tailored financial solutions can help you resolve any of these critical situations or circumstances:

  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Pursuing a specific goal, e.g. debt reduction or funding a “gap year.”
  • Complex financial situations including investments in businesses
  • Multi-generational wealth sharing or transfer
  • Inheritance or Windfall
  • Loss of a partner
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning

Are you trying to work out how to navigate any of the above items? You can learn more about how we guide you through decision-making here.

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At Everalls Wealth Management, we’re committed to ensuring that your wealth grows and aligns with what matters most to you. Our goals based financial planning approach is designed to provide a clear, personalised, and efficient roadmap to your financial success.