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Personal insurance, unlike a Zebra, is not always black and white. A boardroom briefing hosted by Everalls Wealth Management on the 12th of November will help you to understand the different types of personal insurance and how you, and your loved ones, can benefit by having an appropriate insurance portfolio in place.

Personal insurance is all about the “concept of risk”. Risk is the chance of an unforeseen event that results in the loss of something we value. An example of this is where people take on debt, perhaps to buy a home or to purchase a car. We can continue to repay the debt while we have our income. However, the loss of our income, from either accident or illness, could result in a failure to repay the loan, potentially resulting in the loss of the home or car. Research shows us that 83% of Australians have insurance on their car however, only 31% have income protection (which can replace up to 75% of income lost due to accident or illness).

Unfortunately, in Australia, we have become one of the most underinsured nations in the developed world. According to Rice Warner Actuaries research, life insurance cover within super, on average, is estimated to be only 20% of what is needed. Hopefully, our boardroom briefing will highlight this situation and we can work with clients to ensure they do have enough personal insurance in place.

The Seminar will provide an opportunity for people to ask questions and learn about the process of establishing your personal insurance portfolio. “Our emphasis is on ensuring people understand the benefits of insurance cover for life’s unexpected, and unforeseen, events”.

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